A sample of our supported DRM systems are available as browser-based demonstrations where you can witness Microsoft PlayReady, and Adobe Access in action. If you would like to view an additional DRM example for a specific platform, then please contact us.

All content has been encoded using the Common Encryption (CENC) standard and each DASH stream has been created with the castLabs DASH.encrypt tool.

Live Streaming with Silverlight

This demonstrates a secure stream playing in Microsoft Silverlight via Smooth Streaming. A PlayReady license key is exchanged between the DRMtoday cloud service and the Unified Streaming Platform. Live content is encrypted on-the-fly and delivered for protected playback through Silverlight.

The DRM enabled player is running on the castLabs Silverlight application.


Technology & standards used
Unified Streaming Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft PlayReady

Video-on-demand with Flash

This demonstrates a secure DASH stream playing in Adobe Flash. An Adobe Access license key is exchanged between our cloud service and the Flash player where on-demand content is delivered for protected playback.

The DRM enabled Flash player is running on the castLabs application.

Please note: requires Flash version 15+ to play. This demo does not currently run in Opera.


Technology & standards used
DASH Industry Forum Adobe Flash Adobe Access

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